GALAXY Explorer

GALAXY Explorer is a strategic game of War. You enter the game by declaring yourself a race. GALAXY Explorer creates your life form on a rich and productive home world where you are in control. A glimpse of the galaxy opens before you and is yours to roam and colonize, but be warned. You are not alone. There are other life forms out there, traveling, discovering, producing, and surviving. As leader of your race in the galaxy, you direct your offspring to design and build ships, research technology, voyage to other worlds and colonize or produce materials. Left undisturbed, your population multiplies on your planets until eventually some of your populace will be unemployed and unproductive. To thrive everyone must work, so you must venture into the galaxy with interstallar voyages, seek out other planets for habitation, and colonize them. Your race must develop these new worlds into productive entities to thrive. Should you encounter other races you may communicate with them via a special mail service to establish defense pacts, interstellar boundaries and peace treaties etc. Eventually new territory in the galaxy will become scarce, relationships of trust will collapse (if they existed at all), and you will have to lead an armada produced by your worlds and your technology against others in the galaxy in a fight for galatic dominance and survival.

GALAXY Explorer is a variant of the standard galaxy game. This game came about after the author and his friends played several games of the standard variety. While they were very impressed with the game, being creative people, they couldn't help but come up with ideas for possible improvements. Thus GALAXY Explorer was born. Working from the rules of standard galaxy and list of desired changes, GALAXY Explorer was developed from scratch and is still under development.

Some games are currently under way, more are forming, and players are always welcome to join the Galaxy Explorer game announcement list.

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