Blind Mailer Tutorial

This is a little tutorial on how you can use the blind mailer. The blind mailer restricts who you may contact to the Judge and the races you have encounters. The other alternative is for you to broadcast the message to the galaxy at large where every race will receive a copy of the message.

First of all, messages must be sent in a separate file from your turn orders. Your message will then be sent out immediately to the people it is addressed to and a receipt will be sent to you. This enables players to negotiate between turns and, as you will find in this game, diplomacy is necessary to succeed.

We recommend all players send a test message out to themselves, just to get used to this system. Here is a sample message

 #MESSAGE Theta Player_XX [password, when defined]

 Subject: Test Message

 @ Player_XX
 This is a test message



The first line tells the mail processor that this is a message for game Theta being sent by Player_XX. When you have established a password for your race, you will list the password after your race name. This insures that you will have secure communications.

The message itself is enclosed within '@' signs like standard galaxy. The messages are addressed by listing the races you wish the message sent to after the first '@'. If you wish the message to be broadcast to the galaxy then don't list any race names (default is broadcast).

You may send any messages or questions to Judge by simply addressing the message to Judge. This is the method Judges prefer for receiving communication from the players. Here is a sample:

 Subject: Fleets Commands?

 @ Judge
 When do you think you will have the rest of the Fleet commands implemented?

 - Naggers

This will get the message to the Judge and let his know who sent it and which game the player is in.

You may include more than one message in a single file. Just include them in successive '@' message blocks.

Any questions? Mail them to your Judge :).