Sample Orders

The goals of Explorer are simple, galactic domination. How this is accomplished is totally up to you. There is not one sure fired, guarranteed method of success. To win requires solid offensive and defensive strategies, good diplomatic skills, the insight of Nostradomus, and a bit of luck.

New players should start with a conservative strategy. Build a few ships to start exploring the galaxy. Defend your home world. Settle and begin to build up the productive capabilities of the worlds closest to you. And above all, avoid fights for as long as possible.

Will you win with this strategy, probably not. But it will enable you to be an active player for many turns. Long enough for you to get comfortable with the game and find out what works for you and what worked for other players. Then, in your next game, you will be ready to gamble and risk it all in the pursuit of galactic domination.

Generic Sample Turn Orders:

  1. Turn 1
  2. Turn 2
  3. Turn 3
  4. Turn 4